A Spotlight on the Virginia Readers' Choice Program


The Virginia Readers Choice Program is something that the VSLA offers each year. A committee of members review potential books and selects ten for each level (primary, elementary, middle, and high school). During the year, teachers and librarians are encouraged to share them with students. In April, students who have read or listened to a minimum of four titles are able to vote on their favorite. 


On Tuesday, November 9th at 7:30 PM, the Piedmont Area Chapter will be hosting a members meeting via ZOOM to share teaching tips and book information on the books selected for this year. You can check out the list of books HERE. VSLA offers bookmarks with the lists which can be shared with your students. You can download those files from our page as well. 


Mentor Texts

The Virginia Readers are all high quality texts, and they make fantastic exemplars for modeling specific reading and writing skills. Teachers should always preview the books and determine which skills from their curriculum best lend themselves to the books. Using sticky notes to mark quotes and elements to share. At our meeting on the 9th, the PAC board will try to share teaching ideas you might try. 

Featured Books

Another important way to help students meet the four book minimum is to feature them in your lending library. They may be in high demand in your school's library, so you might borrow them from the public library or ask your PTO to purchase a copy of the books for your classrooms. 

As students read titles from the list. you might keep a class count and reward as the class reads 25, 50, 75, and 100 books. Group incentives can motivate your students to not only read the books, but chat about them too. 

Wall of Fame

When students recommend books to each other, they are much more likely to want to read them. You might have your students create book reviews and post them on a Wall of Fame. If you can print a color copy of the books' covers, you can use them as part of your display. You could even do a book competition within your classroom to see which of the books wins. 


Click to Join the Meeting

November 9, 2021
Password: 490015

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting. We will post the link and password here once the meeting is set up. Please RSVP at vsrapiedmont@gmail.com to let us know you'll be joining. 


The PAC Board

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